• Lorraine A. Lee

Fall in northern Ohio hill country

Fall in the hill country

New Englanders are very proud of claiming their Fall foliage is the best in the country. Yes, it is exceptional and there's always an abundance of maple syrup to enjoy after the trees have long lost their beauty. But driving for a week around the Kirtland Ohio rolling green hills with red, yellow, orange and almost eggplant colored lucient leaves lining the wiggly roads leading to corn fields and expansive gardens made this Easterner wonder if we have some real competion. Local Maple syrup was even sold at the gorgeous Holden Arboretum.

Split rail fences are everywhere in this area near Lake Erie. People used what materials nature provided. Some posts are relatively new and others look battered by winters and time. Reusable parts are stacked for replacing broken pieces. New Englanders had stones, rocks, boulders for marking property lines and keeping farm animals contained on property. Each state's stone wall styles are uniquely different.

It never ceased to amaze me that previous generations' efforts have brought us to this place. Each person is responsible for being a good steward of the land and the fences whether wood or stone are lasting reminders of who came before us. Psalm 1:3

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