• Lorraine A. Lee

Harvest time in New England

Fall is here. The leaves are so beautiful in hues of red, yellow and orange. It doesn't last very long it seems, before the snow begins so I take alot of pictures and save even more leaves. This was a fun horticultural activity for a client with mid stage dementia. Trace a leaf lightly with a pencil on watercolor paper and "paint" inside the lines with water. Then, use your imagination to lightly touch the watery area with Fall colors from your watercolor palette.

Clyde's Cider Mill in Southeastern Connecticut is a favorite childhood memory. A small press like this reminds me of how happy my mother and I would be driving to the mill near our home and watching the cider being made and buying cider to drink. Mom would buy a few gallons before the closed after only being open for a few weeks since she knew we'd have to wait a whole year to have more of our favorite cider. Those extra bottles were put in the basement freezer. I always laughed when my teetotaler parents, aunts and grandmother would say they had to drink it in the early summer before the cider became hard cider, while their faces would blush and giggling started.

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