• Lorraine A. Lee

A walk in the park

We've been having unusually warm weather for December in New England. 'It's almost like a Northern California winter day without the sunshine. Today I was going out to Elm Bank to volunteer at their Festival of Trees event and noticed something that made me so happy! Our neighbor's elderly father and his two year old grandson were walking slowly in our backyard heading toward the brook. They sat down on the ancient rock wall and for a moment, I realized all the work we've done has made a pleasant, inviting space for people to create a memory amongst the trees.

Nowadays, neighbors can live on the same street for decades and not even know eachother. Even in the country, people are busy, preoccupied and perhaps selfish or afraid of others. Whenever we have new families move near us, we bring a dessert, introduce ourselves and invite them to stroll though our yard. Nature is to be shared. Luke 1:50

I miss the sunshine! On some cool days we have patches of blue sky but it's never warm enough or bright enough for me. I started looking at a website that counts down the days until Spring, up to the second. I'd love to be gardening all year round but sometimes, if you look, you'll see a beautiful sky that's dramatic near the woods and the cold temperatures help make contrasting colors in the clouds. God is the original artist. The trees are silhouetted in the horizon and reminds us of how much the sun warms us and lights our way.

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