• Lorraine A. Lee

30 Days Until Spring!

Looking into our backyard from the deck is the calm after the storm.

Only 30 days until Spring. We have a winter wonderland in the backyard just after the storm. The sun came out for the first time in what seemed like weeks just in time for it to set. It was a gift to see the snow twinkling on the tree branches before nightfall. James' antenna fell down and is covered with snow. "Soon" the deck will be filled with potted herbs and coleus. Almost 1,000 bulbs will bloom under the trees and we can celebrate God's bringing us to a new season.

The sun shone just in time for sunset after many days of dreary days.
We love Flora in Winter, to encourage us until we can go into the gardens again.

Worcester Art Museum had a lovely Flora in Winter program which made us all feel better about the long cold new year. Isn't this a lovely display? I especially like the moss covered bench.

Worcester Art Museum was a respite from the grey skies and cold winds.

Isn't this beautiful? Pussy willows are a sign of Spring. I remember picking them on the way home from school and giving them to my mother.

I remember pussy willows growing along the road where I walked to school when I was very little. Sometimes I'd pick them and bring them home.

New Englanders love to garden and we just have to touch something green, smell a colorful flower and be reminded to keep the faith-Spring is on the way. In the meantime, fine art and flowers in a warm colorful art museum is how I want to spend my time until I can get my hands into the soil again.

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