• Lorraine A. Lee

Hospice Gardens

Last year I first learned that the word hospice refers to a rest from a long journey-I knew what that meant. It's a fitting

description for a patient and their loved ones after the arduous physical and emotional climb up the mountain of medical intervention that may have taken many months or years without a clear destination.

It was a blessing to spend several days visiting a hospice where all ages are welcomed to rest after their unique path. While a very sad circumstance, there is comfort in the hands of truly good people . The butterflies - all different colors - are in rememberance of children who have stayed here. They look like they are

Ring a round the rosie- "There are spaces between our fingers so that another person can fill them".

There aren't leaves on the trees yet but you can see plants blooming, hear birds singing and smell the fragrance from flowers while resting in an idylic setting feeling the warmth of the North Carolina sunshine. Southern hospitality is real...I felt so at home here.

Walking in nature reminds us of the realities of life while we live more and more in a virtual world at our whims. 'Real color and sounds that literally touch us.

Gardens have continued to remind me of the metaphor nature shows for counseling. It is a process that can not be rushed, no matter how impatient I am. There is a time and a season for everything. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Winkie and Blinkie are brother and sister cats who live at the hospice. You can see their bowls under the decorated bench. Their owner passed away and they stayed for the last seven years. 'They're part of nature, asking to be petted, relaxing in the sun, letting us see them enjoy the natural surroundings.

Flowers grown on the property are given to visitors and residents each day. We helped clear quite a bit of the gardens which we did silently.

I wasn't familiar with the Lenten Rose but this was my project- to trim them all. It was beautiful and now I'll always remember them blooming before Eastertime.

Nature inspired artwork inside is an inspiration to create. This sculpture was made of pennies.

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