• Lorraine A. Lee

Spring Fever!

We can see the beginnings of Spring in our kitchen full of hundreds of seedlings, teenagers wearing shorts with their Ugg boots and the thawing of snow on the reservoir. No matter the snowfall levels, it's always a very welcome time of year.

"My favorite customer today brought her little 3 year old son in for a snack and he gave me this beautiful flower", the Starbucks gal said. "I'm taking it home and putting it on my table". Yes, the little things do count.

'Just seeing a rare clear, blue sky is a blessing after grey clouds for what seems endless months. Now, signs of life. Winter here feels like forever.

Crocus are so pretty pushing up through the snow to encourage us. It reminds me of the cycle of life which is more poinient since loosing my mother almost a year ago. Beauty for ashes...

The view of Wachusett Mountain from Tower Hill Botanical Garden down the street. Each flower is unique if you look carefully.

Now I know how to keep going, keep my spirits up, keep looking forward in the dark winters-the horticultural library, the flower conservatories, ikebana classes and garden planning with physical exercise so I can be ready as soon as it's Spring!

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