• Lorraine A. Lee

A Big Texas Break From Northeast's Cold

Remember to find out where the botanical gardens, herb gardens and other horticultural treasures are before you head out on your vacations or business trips. Tyler Texas' picturesque rose garden, the largest in the country and very historic was a wonderful surprise for me while speaking at the National Activity Association's convention in Dallas recently.

The flowers and scenery were as wonderful as the people I met. Colorful and alive with joy, the gardens were

cared for with love and the people were rightly proud of such an amazing garden. Families, couples, children and seniors strolled through the pathways admiring the fragrant roses while listening to birds sing and fountains splashing drops of water in the ponds they walked by.

The sun felt so good on my face as I remembered the still small pile of frozen snow down the street from our house in Massachusetts. Remember your sun hat too. A crushable one is great to keep in your suitcase. Dallas Botanical Garden and Fort Worth Botanical Garden are two of the most outstanding gardens I've ever visited!

I can't wait to see them again-What's near you or where you're going this summer? 'Even if you just have an hour, stop and take time to smell the roses!

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