• Lorraine A. Lee

Mile High Gardens In The Sky

Denver is an exciting city full of color and life! You'll see right away all the beautiful, fun public sculpture, views of the mountains, people of all ages engaged in cycling, running, walking and friendly faces eager to help a tourist find their way.

The Denver Botanic Garden is an oasis in the urban landscape with many gardens and opportunities to experience unique to the West horticultural venues. Two of my favorite gardens are the Therapeutic Horticulture Garden and the inspiring Biblical Garden.

Something I've noticed when I'm entering or leaving my car at the garden is there's an understanding from other people who are coming or going into these plant museums. We all love nature, color, life, nurturing something outside of ourselves, the process. Whether gardeners or garden lovers, the appreciation of a joyous visit or the anticipation of what we will yet discover is something a simple smile outside its gates - we all can feel.

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