• Lorraine A. Lee

Maine, The Way Life Should Be

Coastal Maine Botanic Gardens in beautiful Boothbay Harbor, Maine - about three hours north of Boston.

Although it looks like it's been there forever, it hasn't. It is the legacy of a handful of people who had a vision for the area. There are sustainable gardens, meandering trails in the forest leading to the water where you can catch a boat ride, an enchanting children's garden with green rooftops and an accessible garden of the senses.

Enter a Horticultural Therapy garden for all ages and abilities. It's one of the most beautiful and charming gardens I've been fortunate to visit. Do you like pathways as I do, wondering where they will lead?

A tactile map of the garden is such a wonderful idea! Plantings with different fragrances such as basil, lavender and thyme are appreciated by sighted and non sighted patrons. Gardening can be done from a standing or sitting position using the specially designed curved beds.

The white oak wagon my husband James made lovingly for our daughter when she was born is being used again after 22 years as an art cart. Painting and drawing supplies, a folding chair, easel and umbrella make for a perfect day.

Watch the generations play and discover nature together and you will remember happy times and be encouraged to make positive memories outdoors today for someone you care about or a stranger-you may not know what a difference it will make in their lives.

Aren't the colors beautiful? I always ask people in the garden, "how does the garden make you feel"? They answer, "peaceful, calm, content, happy, healing, blessed".

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