• Lorraine A. Lee

It feels like 0 degrees!

Yes, it's cold outside! This is my husband James, daughter Margot and "grand baby Little Bear" walking down the street in freezing weather (at least it feels that way to me). "I'm heading to Logee's..." I told them when I saw them on my way to a warm spot for a January Saturday.

What better place to spend the afternoon than a cozy warm greenhouse?! Loges in Danielson Connecticut is an old nursery near the Massachusetts border filled with wonderful orchids (hurray!), herbs, fruit trees, tropical plants for your home and thousands of other wonderful things to peruse.

For my friends in sunny California, it may not seem exotic but here in snow country I assure you it's perfect and a lot less expensive than flying to Florida-wait-now I take that back here at the cash register.

The lemon tree is almost 'ancient!

Bubbee, my friend would love this...One of my happy old memories is buying her a gardenia corsage before getting on the train in San Francisco to bring home each time I went up to the city for the day. She told me when we first met she loved gardenias and used to wear them on dates. Recently, I read they were once thought to help with attention. I better give my plant fertilizer!

A favorite of mine is this awesome hibiscus flower. It is a touch of the tropics here in bitter cold New England. Dry the petals in the Summer for tea! They are full of vitamin C.

I love seeing young people in the greenhouses excited to learn about plants. It's always different each time you visit. Truly a multigenerational activity.

Logees sends plants around the world and are excellent quality. Check them out online and get on their mailing list for catalogues. We spend a lot of time in the snow belt daydreaming about planting their lovely plants and in the meantime, nurturing our houseplant collection.

s58 days until Spring! It's still too early to plant our seeds but James and I sat in our own little greenhouse for a little while yesterday with the heater on. 'Nice and cozy, talking about new raised beds to make and doggie fences to add to the planting areas. The best part for me about Winter is looking forward to Spring!

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