• Lorraine A. Lee

Garden bucket list

During the long, freezing New England Winter, I keep a running list of day trips I'd like to take during the warm weather months. 'Can I actually achieve my goal of visiting 60 intriguing and unusual destinations from May to September? We'll see..On the first nice strolling day, I chose Blithwold estate and arboretum in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Pathways in gardens create intrigue and mystery, much like life-what's around the corner?

New England is famous for miles of stone walls but each state's style and construction is unique. This is the quintessential Rhode Island stone structure.

When you visit, there are 35 acres to wander which include a bamboo garden the size of a tennis court, rock gardens, expansive lawns and a beautiful pathway along Narragansett Bay.

Lily of the Valley and Peonies are two of my favorite flowers. Do you have certain flowers that remind you of someone special or particularly happy memories? Peonies remind me of our Northern California home where the flowers grew almost wild! They were pink and decades old-I wasn't familiar with them before our daughter and I would cut them and bring them inside as well as give them to friends.

My aunt Claire loved to garden at her little summer house in Narragansett she built in the late 1950s. Roses, tulips, daisies and lily of the valley were some of the flowers she planted around the yard. Two years ago when the home was sold, which broke my heart, I dug up some of the lily of the valley and brought it home for our garden. Thankfully, it's bloomed again this Spring and if I move someday, it's going with me...

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