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Isaiah 7:14 " But the Lord will still give you proof. A virgin is pregnant; she will have a son

How can anyone not love Christmas. Yes, I know there are some but it is the time of good will toward men. My mother always worked to make our Christmas a special one. She grew up during the Great Depression and they struggled along with other Americans. She was born in 1928! Now she is celebrating in Heaven with Jesus and all her loved ones who went before her.

This was the second Christmas time without her on the Earth. Even though I have worked with people with dementia and their families for many years, it is not less painful to watch your mother go through the process of letting go of who the world sees in her eyes only because you have seen it over and over and over again. Now she is at peace and that gives me a reason to be happy this year.

Trees, flowers, plants and fragrances are all a big part of Christmas aren't they? Touching the fir tree's branches, smelling the sap in a tree farm lot that is cutting off the base of trees for stands and looking at the gorgeous red of carnations and holly berries brings memories back for us all who celebrate.

What would a photo be of a traditional Northern December without snow? Well, here it is-'still pretty isn't it?

I waited and waited to write this month's blog since it was been unseasonably warm and no snow for the year.

Do fences make the best neighbors? I think it depends upon the attractiveness of the fence and it's upkeep. This one is pretty and you can still see the beautiful timeless New England trees behind it. The blue sky is a rate sight unfortunately but for now it is making me feel happy and energetic.

James grew up without Christmas or decorations for every holiday around the house. We've been married almost 29 years now and he is Mr. Christmas! Every year after Thanksgiving he goes out and dresses up the trees and shrubs with colored lights, buys the biggest tree with Margot, makes a beautiful fire in the fireplace and shops and wraps and brings in all the boxes the mailman and UPS drivers deliver every couple of days. He is filled with the Christmas spirit and I love him for it.

Although I'd like to have Spring and Summer weather all the time, I like the briskness of Winter here in Massachusetts, especially when you can smell the smoke filling the air from chimneys you walk by in town.

Every time I drive by this little barn in all seasons, I think about how picturesque it is. Although winter is not my favorite time of year, it really does look best under a blanket of snow.

The Horticultural Therapy Association I belong to came for an all day meeting this month which included hot homemade chicken soup, Italian bread, salad and drinks. Between old and new business and discussions about the upcoming convention in Vermont this Fall and socializing we made two cute nature inspired crafts. Everyone enjoyed the art projects and if their dog didn't chew them up like ours did, they hung them on their Christmas trees.

The Department 56 greenhouse is my newest addition to our New England Village Winter scene. I've run out of space on my buffet and started to decorate Margot's hope chest in the corner of the dining room. It really does look like this outside now that the snow has fallen. The village is kept out all year even though I used to put it up every November. A guest 10 years ago admired it in December and asked, "do you keep it up all the time" and I said, "no but I will now...".

I'm so thankful for a wonderful mother to remember. She was a giver and put others first before herself-just what Jesus taught us to do. Although it's a wound that will never be completely be healed, I'm so grateful for God sending into this dark world light to show us the way to go-my mother was luminous.


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