• Lorraine A. Lee

Thanksgiving in Old Florida

A friend knows where to find the dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico and we rode in his airboat to see them again.

They're so playful and we're very careful to not disturb them-they love to see people. We took a road trip down south through cotton fields and rolling hills to our favorite place in Florida-Homosassa. The natural beauty of the area and the friendly people make me cry when I leave to return to MA. Palm trees, old oaks with spanish moss and greenery everywhere you look.

It's the capitol of Manatees and they congregate in the area every winter. The water's 70 degrees and they like the warmth. 'Me too. Manatees are about 3 tons each as adults and are vegetarians. How can they get enough food from the river floor?

Every time we pass this scene, it reminds me of Northern California. Of course it's not very hilly but the colors remind me of Hwy 280 going into San Francisco with the dark green leaves and warm hay colored ground. Most people aren't aware there are cowboys in Florida. The Wildlife Corridor is a successful program worthy of everyone's support to create and keep a pathway for animals through the native lands from North to South of the state.

Birding is fun here.

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