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As a life long gardener, I feel I'm happiest when working with plants, flowers, trees and herbs. Growing up, my family relocated frequently, but no matter where we lived, gardens large and small were a comforting constant . Some of my earliest memories are picking strawberries in the backyard of a n elderly family friend, walking through the nursery next to my Grandmother's house, bringing home a tiny pine tree in a dixie cup from school to plant in the yard. My mother taught me how to care for indoor plants and outdoor flower gardens. My father grew vegetables in the summer and sweet Aunt Claire loved to take care of her roses, tulips and lily of the valley. Looking back, the happiness of being together in the gardens are a happy memory I'll always have to cherish. 


Sharing my love of nature, passion for horticulture and experience as a counselor led me to incorporating all three interests in my work with clients. Whether young or old, disabled or not, it's a modality that's used in a wide variety of settings-veteran support services, visually impared, dementia patients, children at risk, homeless shelters, vocational centers, corrections and in conjunction with rehabilitation.


I'm excited about my newest project - working toward a garden program at a local urban homeless shelter for women veterans and their children. Hopefully it will outlast me for long into the future.  Stay tuned for more information! 

Horticultural Therapy

The following is a list of presentations I offer. If you would like a custom designed program for your group, please let me know the topic you are interested in -


History of the Pineapple in Colonial America

Williamsburg's Horticultural Holiday Decorations

American Botanical Gardens and Today's Garden Tourist

Backyard Maple Tapping

Hildegard of Bingen - Botanist and Healer

The Practice and Rewards of Horticultural Therapy

Wellness through Biblical Gardens 

The Development of The Rural Cemetery Movement

The Little Known Story of America's Japanese Friendship Gardens

Victorian Garden Parties 

Rhode Island's Treasured Historic Gardens and Farms

Enjoying Fun and Quirky Lawn Ornaments


I've taught  Art classes in my home studio to groups and individuals  for many years. Mediums include Acrylic Painting, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media, Pastels and Photography.


Nature Inspired Art
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